• Faithful to my Homeland, the Republic of Poland




    Marcin WILCZEK- Ambassador  



    P o l i t i c a l - E c o n o m i c  Se c t  i o n


    Arkadiusz MICHOŃSKI, Minister Counsellor

    Michalina RADECKA-KOWALSKA, Counsellor 

    Magdalena SZUBER-ZASACKA, First Secretary 




    C o n s u l a r   S e c t i o n 

    Andrzej KALINOWSKI, Counsellor - Consul




    Administrative and Finance Section

    (Chief accountant)


    Justyna LISTWAN, Third Secretary - Head of Section



    T r a d e   a n d   I n v e s t m e n t   P r o m o t i o n   S e c t i o n   


    Włodzimierz SADZIK, Counsellor - Head of Section 

    Weronika STAŃKO,  Second Secretary



    P o l i s h   C u l t u r a l   I n s t i t u t e

    Agnieszka SKIETERSKA, Director, Counsellor



    D e f e n s e   A t t a c h é's   O f f i c e

    Col. Tomasz Domański, Defense (Military, Air, Naval) Attaché


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